Michael Grimm’s Opponent Blasts His ‘Wild Accusations’ and ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Mark Murphy (Photo: Facebook)

Congressman Michael Grimm’s Democratic opponent, Mark Murphy, is apparently enjoying the ongoing saga that’s unfolding after an incident of vandalism occurred at Mr. Grimm’s campaign office over the weekend. Mr. Grimm initially aggressively responded to the incident where windows were broken at his Staten Island headquarters by alleging acts of computer tampering and data theft also occurred and describing the situation as most likely “politically motivated.” After it turned out that the vandal in question was only a mere eighth grader, Mr. Grimm admitted it may have been a volunteer for his campaign who mistakenly caused his technological troubles rather than someone with more nefarious intentions.

Nathan Smith, a spokesman for Mr. Murphy, responded to Mr. Grimm’s admission he may have jumped to conclusions by releasing a strongly worded statement this evening criticizing the incumbent’s handling of the situation.

“We commend the young man for coming forward,” Mr. Smith said of the teenage perpetrator. “The wild accusations and apparently totally false conspiracy theories of the last 48 hours have made this bizarre situation a sad spectacle.”

Mr. Smith, like most of Mr. Grimm’s Democratic foes, pivoted to the federal investigation into the congressman’s 2010 fundraising operations, where media reports allege he extorted hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the congregation of an influential rabbi.

“It’s pretty clear at this point that Congressman Grimm is caving under the pressure of multiple ongoing investigations but hopefully he can now stop blaming the media, calling the NYPD liars, and start honestly answering the other criminal questions that have plagued him the last 2 months,” Mr. Smith claimed.

It’s unlikely that Mr. Grimm has any interest in holding back on the media, however. In his long statement responding to the child’s confession, the congressman attacked the press for “shameless media spin and speculation fueled by unscrupulous sources.” Michael Grimm’s Opponent Blasts His ‘Wild Accusations’ and ‘Conspiracy Theories’