Michael Moynihan to Newsbeast

Michael Moynihan, the journalist now known for exposing Jonah Lehrer’s Bob Dylan quote fabrications, is going over to The Daily Beast, reports FishbowlNY. He will be Cultural News Editor “focusing on the intersection of culture and politics, social issues and business and other key issues.” He will also review books and write for Newsweek.

In addition to his work uncovering fabrications, Mr. Moynihan has been a columnist at Tablet, a book reviewer at The Wall Street Journal,  and was the managing editor of Vice.

We can only hope that Mr. Moynihan will eventually get the chance to review Mr. Lehrer’s new writing that he mentioned in a Los Angeles Magazine profile.

The email is below:

Dear NewsBeasters,

I’m thrilled to announce that Michael Moynihan is joining The Daily Beast as Cultural News Editor, focusing on the intersection of culture and politics, social issues and business and other key issues, and helping drive the Beast’s coverage of the hot stories of the day. He’ll also review books for the site and write for Newsweek. Michael, best known most recently for exposing the fabrications of New Yorker writer Jonah Lehrer, has been a columnist for Tablet magazine, a contributing editor to Reason magazine, and a regular book reviewer for the Wall Street Journal. He was formerly the managing editor of Vice magazine and a resident fellow at the Swedish policy institute Timbro. His writing has appeared in the Wilson Quarterly, Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, Politico, Los Angeles Times, Utne Reader, Commentary, and numerous other publications.

Michael joins us on Oct. 3. Please join me in welcoming him to The Daily Beast and Newsweek.



Michael Moynihan to Newsbeast