Morning Links: Shockingly Tame Edition

(Courtesy Getty Images)

Roberta Smith on the Met’s new Warhol show: “This effort is not an encouraging sight, but then the Met has a long way to go where contemporary art is concerned.” [NYT]

Meet Britain’s shockingly tame “first ever graffiti artist.” [The Guardian]

The Andy Warhol Museum is releasing a never-before-seen film by Warhol, San Diego Surf (1968/1996), which the artist filmed just before he was shot. [ArtDaily]

Kelly Crow profiles Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough. [WSJ]

Lady Gaga got a tattoo at the Guggenheim last night. “The artist tattooed a section of Gaga’s head that she shaved to honor photographer Terry Richardson’s mother, who recently died. The tattoo appears to show a winged child wearing a Statue of Liberty-esque crown.” [Page Six]

Cleveland Museum of Art acquires Martin Creed’s Work No. 965. Half the air in a given space. [ArtDaily]

Photographer Pedro Guerrero dies at 95. [NYT]

Morning Links: Shockingly Tame Edition