Morning Read: ‘I’d Vote for This Hat Before I’d Vote for Sheldon Silver’

An artist’s rendering of the new Ferris Wheel. (Photo: Staten Island Borough President’s Office)

Guess who’s coming to Mulberry Street tonight to raise money in the Lower East Side? None other than progressive folk icon Elizabeth Warren, campaigning for the U.S. Senate in the Bay State.

While in the early afternoon, Mayor Michael Bloomberg will unveil plans for the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel–as well as a new retail complex–on the North Shore of Staten Island. The proposal is aimed at solving the age-old problem of keeping the throngs of tourists pouring off the Staten Island Ferry from immediately fleeing back to Manhattan without spending any money in the borough. Good luck.

El Diario took account of the latest happenings in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx. Read one notable note, “Assemblyman Guillermo Linares was seriously considering running against Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez. It turns out that after meeting with supporters Linares decided to lay low for a while and let things calm down, but he is quietly planning to run again for the state Senate in two years.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-ish) offered to endorse a Republican State Senator, Roy McDonald, considering running for reelection on the Independence Party line. Are endorsements for the two other pro-gay marriage Republicans, Mark Grisanti and Steve Saland, in the pipes? Time will tell.

There’s one oddity about this all to keep in mind, however. Mr. Cuomo’s endorsement, as well as the full-throated support of some influential LGBT organizations, might–coincidentally–help the Democratic candidate, Robin Andrews, by mixing up a race she would otherwise be a long-shot in. While it might make some sense for her to rally the partisan troops, Ms. Andrews reacted to Mr. Cuomo’s news with a conciliatory tone.

Perhaps the IDC will have some allies after coming up empty-handed in the September 13th Democratic primaries after all. Crain’s Insider reported that two Democratic State Senate candidates, Justin Wagner and Ryan Cronin, “sought financial help from a rival faction of the party, the four-member Independent Democratic Conference. … It’s unclear whether any cash will be forthcoming.”

Senate Minority Leader John Sampson went on Inside City Hall last night and asked about Mr. Bloomberg’s $1 million contribution to the Senate Republicans, the Democratic leader joked, “Where’s my money? Where’s my money?” He added, “The way I look at it, he did it last cycle. He’s just doing what he does.”

He also discussed his side’s strategic map, going district-by-district to tout all of his strong recruits. Somehow Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder, who seem likely to caucus with the GOP, was left unmentioned. Interestingly, Mr. Sampson heaped by far the most praise on Democratic candidate Andrew Gounardes, running in a neighboring district:

“In Brooklyn we have Gounardes who’s going against Marty Golden. What I have seen–especially going on in the southern tier–this young man is gaining a lot of momentum in that southern tier of Brooklyn. When I have people who are Republicans coming up to me while I’m out in Marine Park talking about this man, talking about voting for him, it’s very interesting. The dynamics have changed, especially when I have local elected officials in the southern tier who didn’t think that young man who had a chance, but now they’re talking to me about, ‘You know what? He might have a chance at beating Senator Marty Golden.'”

On the steps of City Hall yesterday, Republican City Council candidate Andy Sullivan, running an uphill campaign against Vinnie Gentile, gave a good rant about Albany and the state of our electoral affairs. Declared Mr. Sullivan, “I’d vote for this hat before I’d vote for Sheldon Silver.” Mr. Sullivan went on to tout the candidacy of the State Assembly Speaker’s GOP opponent, Wave Chan, who is featured in this video you are highly encouraged to watch.


Morning Read: ‘I’d Vote for This Hat Before I’d Vote for Sheldon Silver’