Morning Read: ‘I’m the Good Ghost’

Frank Seddio (Photo: Steve Solomonson/Brooklyn Daily)

Is Sean Patrick Maloney in electoral trouble? Earlier this week, the Democratic congressional candidate touted the fact the Working Families Party placeholder candidate polled double digits against GOP Rep. Nan Hayworth. Remember how we had a June 26th federal primary so military voters could cast ballots in time though? Like, that works for the general election too. Last we heard, the WFP candidate is still on the ballot, which is being printed this week according to the State Board of Elections:

“Yes, New York counties will be transmitting the federal ballot to military and overseas voters no later than Saturday, September 22.  The federal ballot certification, which contains only federal offices, is on our website on the right-hand side. … A second state and local ballot will be sent to military voters on October 2 when the state and local offices will be certified.”

An independent group is spending a cool $330,000 towards GOP’er Maggie Brooks‘ efforts to knock off Rep. Louise Slaughter.

Frank Seddio, AKA “Canarsie Christmas,” won his bid to succeed Vito Lopez atop Brooklyn’s Democratic Party last night, as expected for some weeks. “I’ve always been an independent,” Mr. Seddio said. “I’ve known Vito for over 30 years. As a matter of fact, we were actually involved as a younger person, in his original election, when he became the Assemblyman. But I’ve never been a protege of anyone.”

“Somewhere there are people who need a boogeyman — ‘Vito is coming’ — and I’m past that,” he told The Times. “I’m the good ghost.”

While Councilman Charles Barron declared him to be “the sequel of Vito Lopez” before being booed.

Speaking of Brooklyn, Councilman David Greenfield, whose “informed sources” have aligned with Politicker’s in the past, tweeted, “Informed sources tell me that Senator Martin Dilan mulling race for Boro President.” His sources apparently align with Capital New York’s Azi Paybarah’s, but it’s very hard to imagine what Mr. Dilan’s electoral path against the frontrunner, Senator Eric Adams, might be.

“I’m glad he admitted it but he admitted it only after it became public,” Democratic Senator Tony Avella said of Speaker Shelly Silver‘s efforts to kibosh public notice of Mr. Lopez’s sexual harassment allegations. “And unfortunately this is the pattern that has known Albany for decades where these backroom deals keep things quiet. My favorite expression has always been, “What happens in Albany stays in Albany.’ It’s based on, ‘What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.’ That has to stop. People’s confidence in their elected officials has to be restored. I don’t think Sheldon Silver can do it at this point.”

“Why did The New York Times just defame Muslims?” the New York Post‘s editorial board asked this morning. Morning Read: ‘I’m the Good Ghost’