Morning Read: ‘It’s as Rare Almost as a Unicorn’

Jill Stein (Photo: YouTube)

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is in town for the Occupy Wall Street protests, and she’s doing a media tour while she’s at it, doing interviews with both Capital Tonight and Inside City Hall. Here’s a video of her speaking on the streets.

You get three guesses as to which councilman this is: “Councilman caught up in Occupy tussle with police.”

Siena College has a new poll out on Rep. Nan Hayworth reelection campaign, and finds her in a solid position against Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney, with some WFP-related caveats to also consider. “Hayworth has the support of nearly three-quarters of Republicans while Maloney has the support of nearly two-thirds of Democrats, and nearly twice as many independents side with Hayworth over Maloney,” pollster Steven Greenberg explained. “Hayworth leads in every region of the district and she leads by 16 points in the portion of the district she currently represents and four points in the area new to the congressional district. There is no gender gap, with women and men favoring the Republican by nearly identical margins.”

Crain’s Insider wondered if the Bronx Democratic Party is what it used to be, given its unsuccessful efforts to defend Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera and to unseat Assemblyman Nelson Castro. “It makes you wonder how much Bronx support will matter in 2013,” one Bronx operative told the publication. “They’re not delivering much for the candidates they support.” While a source closer to the Democratic establishment blamed it on the tabloids beating up Ms. Rivera with bad headlines, saying, “It was all because of the New York Post and the inordinate amount of money spent against her.”

The State Assembly released its 2012 expenditures, which included its settlements on Assemblyman Vito Lopez‘s behalf. The payments were listed as “legal services,” which masked their purpose. That’s surely just a coincidence though.

Tom Libous, the head of the Senate Republicans’ campaign efforts, gave a good interview on Capital Tonight where he discussed the ongoing primary challenges and Andrew Cuomo getting involved in various races.

While on Inside City Hall last night, Councilman James Sanders was his usual comfortable self discussing his primary win over Senator Shirley Huntley. Amusingly, he pretended to be coy about supporting his chief of staff, Donovan Richards, in the upcoming special election for his seat. The night before, he wrote on Facebook, “He’s the right pick to replace me in the city council!” But on camera, he said, “I’m looking at several candidates, I think it’s a little too early to do that.” Another good exchange:

Errol Louis: It is rare, it’s as rare almost as a unicorn to see a sitting member of the State Legislature get defeated in a primary. You pulled it off, how did you do it?

James Sanders: Well, first we were blessed. God itself looked down on us. But second, he gave us wisdom and we came up with strategy. We understood that we needed to get to all of those who were outside. All outsiders, and in politics as being done now, most people are on the outside. Most people are just not reeled in. So we went to all of the outsiders and said to them, ‘Hey! Are your needs being met? Don’t you want to be on the inside?’ We went to the Rockaways, which is going to be an outsider. We went to the Indo-Caribbean community of Richmond Hill, of South Ozone Park, and said to them, ‘You have always been an outsider, do you want to come in?’ They of course said ‘yes.’ Everyone wants to in on the American dream. And everyone came in.

Morning Read: ‘It’s as Rare Almost as a Unicorn’