Morning Read: ‘Method of Political Lynching’

Eric Ulrich is going negative on Juan Reyes after all? The picture on the left has the front of the mailer, here’s the back.

A deal on the 9/11 Museum was reached on the eve of 9/11.

No elected officials will speak at this morning’s simple ceremony.

Rudy Giuliani penned an op-ed on the fight against terror.

Governor Cuomo said he’s open to changing JCOPE amid criticism.

Imagine that, JCOPE is going after Shelly Silver after all.

Times Union: “Who’s more inscrutable, Bob Dylan or Ravi Batra?”

The Times Union‘s editorial board wants JCOPE to be scrapped and replaced.

Bill Hammond said Cuomo is responsible for the ethics panel’s failures.

The feds were wiretapping John Liu all the way back in 2010.

John Messer doesn’t appreciate the “grandmother rapist” campaign mailers that are being used against him.

“We as black folks should immediately be able to identify this method of political lynching,” leaflets hitting Shirley Huntley’s district declared. “The community knows this is a political hanging.”

Rock Hackshaw made his endorsements for Thursday’s primaries.

New York isn’t doing everything it should to deal with the rising sea level.

Chicago’s teachers are on strike, the latest example of unions under siege.

The battle for control of the U.S. Senate has taken some twists and turns.

A WaPo/ABC poll has President Obama ahead over Mitt Romney as well.

Romney’s campaign wants Republicans to chill out about Obama’s current lead.

Rupert Murdoch said Romney needs to move to the center and stop fearing his right flank.

Both campaigns agree that there are about nine swing states.

Obama is a normal guy, and he wants voters to see that all the time. Morning Read: ‘Method of Political Lynching’