Morning Read: ‘This Race Is Going Into Extra Innings’

A Restler sign, in Yiddish. We found this in the bushes in Williamsburg.

ICYMI from last night, here are some results with the full list of legislative races here.

Some of the top upsets in the city were State Assembly races, including Rhoda Jacobs and Mark Gjonaj’s surprisingly strong performances despite their districts’ demographics, as well as Nily Rozic and Ron Kim pulling off victories for open seats in Queens.

Chris Olechowski surprised many by very narrowly edging out Lincoln Restler too, but that race may drag on yet. There were reports of voting irregularities in Hasidic Williamsburg (which may have actually helped Mr. Restler), which could lead to litigation, and should the upstart district leader perform well in absentee ballots, he could theoretically get into recount territory.

“Should note that the apparent (but by no means certain) defeat of Lincoln Restler aaugers nothing about County politics,” Gatemouth argued. “In the long term, the only real message delivered here is that the Zali Satmar stick to their commitments come hell or high hands up the skirt.”

Of the three Republicans who supported gay marriage running for reelection, two are in too-close-to-call situations. Only Mark Grisanti, who some thought would be the most vulnerable of the bunch, crushed it.

Roy McDonald said regardless of the outcome, he has no regrets. “Now we have a nailbiter,” he said of his chances. “I sure hope I win. I think I will. We’re going to be thinking about this for a long time to come. Stay tuned, this race is going into extra innings.”

Watch Mark Grisanti’s and Roy McDonald’s primary night speeches.

Before the results were announced, Empire State Pride Agenda co-founder Libby Post said losses by the “yes” votes on gay marriage could have a “chilling effect” on other state’s legislatures considering marriage legislation.

Kal Penn will help raise cash for Reshma Saujani’s campaign for the Public Advocate’s Office.

Bloomberg administration officials defended the city’s new soda and circumcision policies on Inside City Hall.

Mr. Bloomberg himself wasn’t impressed with the soda industry’s efforts against the city’s plan:

“I just spent roughly $600 million of my own money to try to stop the scourge of tobacco, and I’m looking for another cause,” the billionaire mayor boasted as he scoffed at the beverage industry’s anti-ban war chest.

“I don’t know that [the ban opposition] is well-funded,” he said before asking a reporter, “How much were they spending again?”

When he got no answer, he snipped, “Thank you. Next question.

The Daily News backed the soda restrictions and took a bite out of Tom DiNapoli over the Vito Lopez scandal

Melissa Mark-Viverito isn’t especially happy with the draft map of her new district. From Roberto Perez:

Everyone is aware that Dickens, and Viverito are not friends and that both covet the Speaker of the City Council post. Dickens may very well have made a backroom deal to undermine Viverito. But, the political world is shrouded in secrecy, so we may never know.

Here’s Mark Murphy’s television ad against Michael Grimm. It’s likely a cable buy as opposed to something hitting the entire New York City media market (which can be prohibitively expensive):

Morning Read: ‘This Race Is Going Into Extra Innings’