Mother-Daughter Shopping Trip: Eisenhower Kin Drop $1.8 M. On Park Avenue Pad

A Park Avenue pair: Ms. Eisenhower and Ms. Echavarria. (NY Social Diary)

While some mother-daughter duos might be content with an afternoon spent at Bergdorf, Anne Eisenhower (a granddaughter of the former president) and fille Adriana Echavarria like to buy Park Avenue co-ops together.

The socialites apparently share more than a presidential pedigree—city records show they inked their names on the deed of a 2-bedroom, 2-bath spread on the 17th floor of 799 Park Avenue.

It is unclear if mother and daughter will reside together in the lofty space a la Grey Gardens (fortunately, the “unparallelled sunlight and views to the north, east, and south” touted in the listing, held by Prudential Douglas Elliman broker Claire Ratusch will help to alleviate the sense of cloying claustrophobia documented in the Maysles brothers film). More likely, it’s for Ms. Echavarria alone, or a shared pied-a-terre for the women, who are well-known on the New York charity circuit.

In any event, Ms. Eisenhower likely had some cash to burn after selling her $35 million historic mansion in Southhampton back in 2010. And at $1.85 million, this aerie hardly makes a dent. The co-op was purchased from Dennis and Coralie Paul, who have been trying to sell it since 2009, when they listed it at $2.45 million, gradually dropping the ask to $1.89 million. The couple purchased the apartment for $1.75 million in 2006. Apparently, back in 2009, Ethernet jacks in every room were considered cutting edge. “The electrical wiring has been completely overhauled with a new transformer box and energy-saving Lutron switches, preparing you and this hi-tech apartment for the technological demands of the future,” boasts the listing so you can “take care of business in style.”

The Pauls—sometimes called the most gorgeous couple in New York—apparently wanted a space that better suited their spectacular selves or their growing family. And as Coralie Paul, nee Charriol, is the heiress to Southeast Asia’s Charriol luxury brand empire and Mr. Paul works in money management, they can probably afford the upgrade. Mother-Daughter Shopping Trip: Eisenhower Kin Drop $1.8 M. On Park Avenue Pad