Paul Ryan’s New (Congressional) Campaign Ad

Paul Ryan in his new ad (Photo: YouTube)

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan hasn’t stopped running for his seat in the House of Representatives. This morning, Mr. Ryan released a television ad for his race to represent Wisconsin’s First Congressional district. The ad, which will initially air for at least two weeks, features Mr. Ryan speaking with a small group of voters in what appears to be a coffee shop.

“As Americans, we deserve a choice. You, not Washington, should decide the path we take and the decisions we make. Americans can’t wait, so we won’t wait. If we act now, we can get this right,” Mr. Ryan says in the ad. “We don’t want a government-controlled society. We want a limited government that is both efficient and effective. This is our chance to restore real faith and real opportunity in America.”

Mr. Ryan is allowed to simultaneously run for vice president and his House seat, but if he wins both offices, he will have to choose one. In Wisconsin, he is being challenged by two-term Kenosha County legislator Rob Zerban, who believes he is the toughest Democratic opposition Mr. Ryan has faced in his seven term congressional career and has raised far more than any of Mr. Ryan’s recent rivals.

The weekend Mr. Ryan was announced as Mitt Romney’s running mate, Mr. Zerban said he raised six figures worth of donations. As of late July, Mr. Zerban had raised approximately $1.2 million in his quest to unseat Mr. Ryan. However, Mr. Ryan has a formidable war chest and, as of late July, had amassed approximately $4.3 million for his House race. His latest commercial is part of what is expected to be a $2 million fall media buy.

Mr. Ryan’s congressional ads may be seen by show as betraying a lack of faith in the prospects of the Republican presidential ticket, but it also allows Team Romney to have ads featuring Mr. Ryan air in a swing state without dipping into the campaign coffers. The Romney campaign is also paying for ads in Wisconsin. Polls show the selection of Mr. Ryan gave the Romney ticket a slight boost that turned Wisconsin, which had been leaning towards President Barack Obama, into a tossup.

Watch Mr. Ryan’s new ad below.

[youtube] Paul Ryan’s New (Congressional) Campaign Ad