Peak Innovation: There Is a Now an App For Finding Your Lost Black Sock

This is the end . . . of our elaborate plans, the end. Of everything that stands, the end.

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World’s First High-Tech BLACKSOCKS are as Smart as They Look


New York, NY (September 21, 2012)—Can’t find that matching sock again? Have no fear— Blacksocks has an app for that. The ever-innovative Swiss company has just launched the world’s first “Smarter Socks” with radio frequency identification (RFID). When used with the Blacksocks iPhone app and wireless Sock-Sorter*, this new technology makes finding the right pairs virtually child’s play.

“Mankind was made for greater things than sorting socks,” said Blacksocks founder and managing director Samy Liechti. “Looking put-together is a simple equation as long as you have all the right elements and our ‘Smarter Socks’ make the process even easier.”

Available online as Plus+ calf socks, all “Smarter Socks” come embedded with a communication button that makes them identifiable to the Sock-Sorter using near field communication (NFC). The post-wash sorting routine is then as easy as 1-2-3:

1.    Hold the Sock-Sorter over the communication button on the sock;

2.    Use the Sock-Sorter to scan the washing basket for the matching sock;

3.    The iPhone will then make a sound to indicate when the right sock has been found.


“Smarter Socks” also record the life story of every pair in a special login area on the Blacksocks website. Customers can therefore track what their favorite socks have been through, plus check the status of their collection with their iPhone or the click of a mouse. Consumers can also form a new pair from two single socks by simply reprogramming the communication buttons.

But that’s not all the Blacksocks app can do. Those who can’t tell if their socks are still midnight black or fading to a foggy grey can break out the Blacksocks app and use the iPhone camera to take a “black reading.” A traffic light system on the screen will gauge whether the socks are still wearable (or simply bearable). Even better, this black-o-meter can also be used for socks from other brands.

For a “Smarter Socks” how-to video, check out: The Blacksocks app is now available for free download from the iTunes App Store. A starter pack of Plus+ calf socks contains 10 black pairs along with a personal Sock-Sorter, and can be ordered for $189.00 from


BLACKSOCKS ( invented the sockscription in 1999 in order to rid the world of sock sorrows. Today, BLACKSOCKS remains true to this principle, turning sock-sorting problems into virtually child’s play with the launch of “Smarter Socks”—the first socks with RFID technology—in September 2012. In addition to socks crafted from quality yarns, BLACKSOCKS also offers an array of traditional men’s underwear. The company now boasts a loyal clientele of over 60,000 customers in more than 75 countries.

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*Note: To make its “Smarter Socks” technology possible, Blacksocks has invented the Sock-Sorter since the iPhone is not yet RFID-compliant.


Peak Innovation: There Is a Now an App For Finding Your Lost Black Sock