Police Search for Jimmy Hoffa Under Roseville, Mich., Driveway

Hoffa was declared dead in 1982

Jimmy Hoffa. (Wikimedia)

The mystery of the fate of International Brotherhood of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa is one of the most enduring in American history. Hoffa vanished in July 1975 and in the decades since his name has become a punchline for jokes about unexplained disappearances.

Shouts and murmurs of a new Hoffa resting place come out every other year or so–the latest candidate is an innocuous suburban driveway in Roseville, Michigan. It’s hard to take new rumors that Hoffa’s grave has been found too seriously anymore, but ABC News reports there may be something to this one:

James Berlin, the police chief in Roseville, Mich., a town about 20 miles north of Detroit, says his department will take soil core samples from under the driveway of a home in the area this Friday after “credible” information recently surfaced.

“We received information from an individual who saw something,” Berlin told the Detroit Free Press. “The information seemed credible, so we decided to follow up on it.”

Multiple Michigan press outlets say Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality recently performed a “ground scan” of the driveway and discovered evidence that something is buried beneath the pavement.

Detroit TV station WDIV reports that the tip regarding Hoffa’s location was credible because it came from a witness who is dying of cancer. Roseville’s police chief told the NBC affiliate that the dying man “believes what he saw. That something took place that day out of the ordinary.”

The same broadcast outlet also notes that the FBI is skeptical of the story, one retired agent telling WDIV that the claim “doesn’t match up with anything we already know. I’d say it’s just another story. Someone is trying to get publicity or is looking after a reward.”

This new claim may at least present another opportunity for late-night talk hosts to open a forgotten desk drawer and blow dust off a fading folder labeled, “Jimmy Hoffa jokes.”

Police Search for Jimmy Hoffa Under Roseville, Mich., Driveway