Poll: New Yorkers Have Figured out Their Government Is Corrupt

Quinnipiac University Polling Institute recently surveyed New Yorkers on a host of issues, from their feelings about Gov. Andrew Cuomo to the controversial topic of hydro-fracking, but, according to a poll released this morning, New Yorkers are especially passionate about corruption in their own dear state.

Indeed, 77 percent of New Yorkers described the problem of corruption as “very serious” or “somewhat serious,” while only 2 percent said corruption is “not a problem at all.” However, given the level of corruption in New York in recent years, it might be possible that 2 percent of the state’s total population currently consists of public officials being investigated for criminal misconduct.

“Is legislative corruption a big deal? This poll echoes the headlines. New Yorkers don’t like what they see,” Maurice Carroll, director of Quinnipiac’s polling operations, said in a statement.

Interestingly, when the firm last polled this question in October of 2007, it received the exact same 77 percent number, but with more New Yorkers describing the position as “somewhat serious,” as opposed to “very.”

When asked who should take the lead in fixing the problem, 54 percent of New Yorkers said Mr. Cuomo should handle it, while 32 percent said legislative leaders should take up the task. In addition, half of those polled said Mr. Cuomo is presently doing a decent job at corralling corruption, and 63 percent said the Legislature is failing at it.

“More New Yorkers say it’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s job to clean up the Legislature’s house, and they give him pretty good marks for doing it,” Mr. Carroll explained. “Thumbs down for legislative leaders.”

View the full results below:
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Poll: New Yorkers Have Figured out Their Government Is Corrupt