iOS6 Maps are So Bad They Inspired Their Own Mocking Tumblr

Apple's maps appear to travel through time and warp reality.

A few days ago Waze CEO Noam Bardin kvetched that Apple’s native mapping app would stink up iOS 6. If The Amazing iOS 6 Maps Tumblr is any indication, he was right.

The screengrabs posted on the site come from iPhones and iPads. While many are self-explanatory, some come with pithy commentary, like this image, captioned, “Freiburg, Germany. Seem to be authentic World War II sattelite  (sic) images”:

(Original here.)

The only thing missing from the antique-looking gray image is Red Baron in a biplane, with Snoopy in hot pursuit.

Then there’s this beaut, which appears to uncover some kind of hideous, warped disaster:

(Original here.)

The image above is captioned, “I-93 at the Zakim Bridge in Boston. Never knew it was a roller coaster!”

That sounds like fun, but one of the best of the worst appears to indicate everyone should get the hell out of Brooklyn, right now:

(Original here.)

The caption reads, “Clearly Apple knows of the coming apocolypse (sic). Manhattan end of the Brooklyn Bridge.”

The Tumblr has been updated constantly throughout the day.

We can almost hear the schadenfreude-driven evil laughter rising from Google HQ. iOS6 Maps are So Bad They Inspired Their Own Mocking Tumblr