Rachel Zoe to Open New Ridiculous Blow-Dry Bar in New York

Rachel Zoe, hairstyle specialist. (Patrick McMullan)

It’s the trend that won’t stop giving: Stylist and “fashion” “icon” Rachel Zoe is turning her reality television show chops toward a new project … a New York blow-dry bar. (Not to be confused with the already existing Blow or DryBars in the city.)

Ms. Zoe’s DreamDry–which will boast 20 stylists working at an already-leased 2,000-square-foot Flatiron-area building (no pun intended) at at 35 West 21st Street in preparation for the collaborative efforts of the stylist and her partner, former CAA agent Robin Moraetes–is the only the latest in the absolutely ridiculous series of hair concept boutiques that have been plaguing metropolitan cities in recent years. We’re living in the sad reality when $40 for just a blowout is considered reasonable, as long as you are also given some free coffee and get to watch Mean Girls on closed-captioned TVs.

Ms. Zoe tells People:

“Hair is the perfect way to reflect your personal style — it’s such an important component of creating and completing your look … To me, hair should be considered an accessory — it changes by event, season, mood. With DreamDry, we are creating a place where women can go to ensure that their hair is consistently as stylish and chic as they are.”

Funny … we thought Rachel Zoe’s favorite accessory was her baby son Skylar? Well, this announcement should at least draw attention away from the sad reality that Ms. Zoe’s actual fashion line is not a big hit overseas: she’ll be avoiding London’s Fashion Week because Selfridges is dropping her clothing from their stores.

Rachel Zoe to Open New Ridiculous Blow-Dry Bar in New York