Update: Gossip Girl Producer Sells Wuthering Heights Show to NBC; Sets It in Napa, Obviously [Video]

Somehow, someway, a studio exec over at NBC approved of a concept that will almost certainly involve Katherine screaming “Heathcliff!” while running through a sunny vineyard. And yes, someone from Gossip Girl was involved in the creation of this Bront-rosity.

Oh! But we totally know who should cover the (obvious) theme song. (Updated below)

Alternative suggestions:

We guess the only real question is who should play the literature’s biggest love-struck assholes? Could it possibly be better cast than the BBC miniseries starring Bane from The Dark Knight Rises?

Update: <em>Gossip Girl</em> Producer Sells <em>Wuthering Heights</em> Show to NBC; Sets It in Napa, Obviously [Video]