Roundup: ‘Cajoling, Bribing, Threatening, Kissing’

David Storobin beat back Simcha Felder’s fraud lawsuit and will be the district’s Republican candidate in November.

A new phone app will help voters tomorrow log election problems.

Gotham Gazette released a guide to the primary elections.

Juan Reyes just wants Eric Ulrich to apologize to Bob Dole over his Viagra joke.

Reyes contradicted himself on Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in his race.

GOP’er George McDonald is plowing forward with his 2013 mayoral campaign.

The Sephardic Community Federation issued its endorsements.

Guillermo Linares and Adriano Espaillat went on WNYC.

Linares featured Danny O’Donnell in some campaign miailers.

Jumaane Williams was annoyed that Rodney Bichotte said he endorsed her for State Assembly when he only endorsed her for reelection as district leader.

Wendy Long still thinks Kirsten Gillibrand needs to more about the “Gropez” scandal.

Long has a television ad but needs money to put it on the air.

Steve Cymbrowitz and Hakeem Jeffries spoke to constituents in Manhattan Beach.

Cymbrowitz emailed his final pitch to voters before the primary.

He also wants a supporter of his opponent to be investigated.

Bill Owens and Louise Slaughter have new ads out.

Supporters of a certain civil court will receive a “special culinary treat” from Brooklyn’s next Democratic boss: “Our district leader and master chef, Frank Seddio, has promised to whip up a dinner that would put Julia Child to shame. Just make sure you save plenty of room for a very satisfying meal.”

The MTA is considering removing metrocard bonuses.

CREW labeled a few New York congressional members as among  the “most corrupt.”

Orthodox leaders met with Bloomberg over his controversial circumcision proposal.

“And what the president should be doing is bringing a bill down, and then cajoling, bribing, threatening, kissing—whatever it takes—modifying at the edges, to get that piece of legislation passed,” Bloomberg said today of President Obama’s leadership style on economic issues.

Obama thinks Mitt Romney has a “shoot first, ask questions later” foreign policy mindset.

Obama appears to have the advantage in the Libya dispute.

In the category of things that shouldn’t be said aloud, from Senator Lindsey Graham, “If this is an economic election, we’ll win, but if it’s a demographic election, we’re in trouble.”

Roundup: ‘Cajoling, Bribing, Threatening, Kissing’