Senate Democratic leaders slam Gov. Christie on inaction on women’s issues

TRENTON – Democratic Senate leaders gave Gov. Chris Christie poor marks on women’s issues, including an F-minus on women’s health care, saying the governor’s policies amount to “an assault on women.”  

Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) of West Deptford, and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-27) of Teaneck, stood before a large report card, with the grades displayed before each topic in large black font, followed by some pointed and humorous remarks.

But Weinberg cautioned that “there is an element of seriousness to all this…We hope the residents will sign this report card.”

“We are serving notice to our colleagues across the aisle,” Weinberg said. “We are not going to stand back.”

The report card, however, did give Christie an A-plus on one subject: support for the Republican national agenda, saying he has shown “particular zeal” for the subject matter, marching in lock step with an extreme agenda.”

Other than that, the report gave him an F-minus on women’s health care.

“Student shows disregard for subject matter, has repeatedly failed to make up the work when given the opportunity.”

The report also questioned his math, particularly on the $7.5 million in family planning funds that Democrats unsuccessfully sought.

“Student does not play well with others,” the remarks stated.

Weinberg has first-hand experience in this regard, since Christie told the media to “take a bat” out on her.

“For that, most students get in trouble,” Weinberg said not so nonchalantly.

In a statement, Michael Drewniak, spokesman for Gov. Christie, pointed out that Christie’s budget includes $6 million for women’s health services and increased funding for community health centers by $6.4 million.

That was quite the gratuitous partisan display from the Senate President and Loretta Weinberg.  Their show was so predominated by inflammatory falsehoods it looked like someone’s running for something very early on and telling tall tales, mischaracterizing the record, reliving old and settled issues from last year’s budget battle.  So, we see it for exactly what it was.”

The Democrats also issued a D grade in each of Wynonna’s House and child care/after school programs topics.

Christie received an “Incomplete” on bills regarding the creation of health insurance exchanges and pay equity, since Christie hasn’t vetoed the legislation.

The governor vetoed a health benefits exchange bill, sponsored by Sen. Nia Gill (D) of Montclair, earlier this year, partly because he thought at the time it would be premature, given that the fate of the federal Affordable Care Act was still being determined. The U.S. Supreme Court ultimately ruled the federal health care law, or what many Republicans called “Obamacare,” is constitutional.

Sweeney reinforced the idea of seriousness on the lack of action on each of these bills.

“We tried to create a little bit of humor here, but it’s actually tragic.”

Senate Democratic leaders slam Gov. Christie on inaction on women’s issues