So You Think You Can Finance? New Web Reality Show Promises $1,000 to People Who Answer ‘No’

So You Think You Can Finance?

It’s like that old saying: Give a man a thousand dollars, and he’ll eat for a day. But teach a man how to earn a thousand dollars–well, not earn it exactly, but win it–and then … um … well, this metaphor just fell apart on us.

In any case, NerdWallet wants you to win a thousand dollars and two free financial planning sessions. The only qualification for participating in this new web series is that you already be so deeply in debt that $1,000 couldn’t possibly make a dent in your student loans/credit card bills/etc.

So You Think You Can Finance? No, seriously, that’s the name of this show.

From NerdWallet’s description:

What do I have to do to win $1000 and free financial planning?

Each week, we will ask our contestants a question about their financial lives. Contestants have one week to blog their answer. Our panel of judges will give feedback on their efforts. When all four challenges are complete, voting will begin. Contestants win by convincing our judges and the voting public of their financial prowess and willingness to learn/improve.

So already you start with a Queen for a Day-esque theme, in which you win by having the biggest sob story. But it gets even weirder. What does a credit card comparison website–that advertises specific credit cards on the site–have to gain from peddling to people with no control over their spending habits? People like Meghan Green from Brooklyn?

Why, everything!  Think about it … who better to sell credit cards to?? She’s young, impetuous, doesn’t have a poor credit rating yet, and wants to cash out by traveling around the world on her low-paying salary. Perhaps a “starter” card that has a $1,000 credit on it will solve her problems? Especially one with a very high interest rate??

Actually, this is the most ingeniously evil trap we’ve ever unwittingly came up with. We feel kind of dirty now.

So You Think You Can Finance? New Web Reality Show Promises $1,000 to People Who Answer ‘No’