Sex Assault Allegations Against Julian Assange Weakened by DNA Tests

Mr. Assange may still face U.S. charges related to publishing classified information.

Julian Assange

Because the first thing you wondered upon waking was probably “what’s up with those Swedish allegations against Julian Assange?” here you go: it looks like a condom used as evidence against the snowy-locked whistleblower didn’t even contain his DNA. From The Register:

According to details that have emerged in a 100-page police report submitted after witnesses were interviewed and forensic evidence had been examined, the condom submitted for evidence by one of the key alleged sexual assault victims does not contain Assange’s DNA.

Assange’s legal team have alleged that the lack of conclusive DNA evidence suggests that fake evidence may have been submitted and is calling the entire process into question.

Mr. Assange, age 41, is holed up in the Ecuador’s London Embassy after the South American state gave him asylum. If he even puts a toe outside a door frame there, a team of U.K. cops stand ready to put him on a plane to Sweden.

Questions regarding Mr. Assange’s ill-fated trip to Sweden in 2010, which led to accusations he sexually molested two women, won’t go away anytime soon. Multiple sources report his genetic material was found on a second condom.

Julian Assange continues to deny the claims, insisting his encounters with both women were consensual.

Sex Assault Allegations Against Julian Assange Weakened by DNA Tests