The Amazing Kreskin Tells Us Why Zuck’s Days as CEO Are Numbered

“I’m not a business sophisticate.”

The Amazing Kreskin (Photo:

Like everyone else in the tech press, we keep one ear close to the ground for rumblings regarding the future of Facebook. A statement from New Jersey’s most famous professed mentalist, the Amazing Kreskin, therefore immediately caught our attention. His prediction? The disappointment resulting from the company’s lackluster IPO will result in Zuckerberg getting a babysitter, basically:

“It will reach a point that the present head of Facebook will be forced to have another figure overseeing him as the key CEO of the company.  It’s destined to change its face.”

Naturally, Betabeat immediately got him on the phone to ask why. 

“I’m not a business sophisticate,” Mr. Kreskin dutifully warned us, before failing to produce the names of potential successors (this isn’t Act One of MacBeth, after all): “I do not see Facebook, six years from now, being in the same condition, state or with the same image or persona that it possesses today.”

“Things are changing all around the field and the people that it services, so they’re going to have to change with it,” he added.

That sounds an awful lot like what he (along with other, less gifted prognosticators) was saying shortly after the company’s much-ballyhooed IPO in May.

So what makes his prediction any different? As a mentalist, he claims the ability to read the feelings, the thoughts, the sentiments of those around him. And because the man covers quite a lot of ground, he has his neurons on the pulse, if you will. “In the last year I did 261 appearances around the world, and I’ve thrown over 3 million miles. I do have a flavor and feel of how the average person is responding to the various factors that are going on,” he explained.

Surely that’s at least as reliable a methodology as the average opining tech journalist’s?

All that flavor led him to conclude that, “the most productive change in Facebook is going to come in a few years with an unknown figure taking over.”

Besides his prediction, Mr. Kreskin also had a few thoughts on the world which Facebook has wrought. “There are people today who have over 200 friends on the Internet, whether it’s Facebook or what have you, that’s not the point. I would describe these people as remarkably lonely individuals.” (We didn’t have the heart to tell him even the least popular teens probably breach the double digits at this point.)

“That is really one of the gifts that Facebook has given us–an opportunity to live a highly superficial, shallow life.”

Curious about Mr. Kreskin’s process? Well, that’s natural.

“I literally secluded myself all day,” he informed Betabeat, explaining that he read everything he could get his hands on, then “I wanted to hear the feedback, listen to it and what have you.”

He provided another example, that of his predictions regarding the 2012 presidential election (due to be revealed on Jimmy Fallon two days afterwards). “I read over a hundred newspaper articles, editorials and what have you and mastered them and then I did what entrepreneurs have done for years in making their decisions and what JKF was famous for doing–I shut down.”

“I pushed away, consciously, all of the stuff I has amassed because it could be too confusing, it was overwhelming. And I let my unconscious come through,” Mr. Kreskin explained.

We’ll bet he’s even at Inbox Zero. The Amazing Kreskin Tells Us Why Zuck’s Days as CEO Are Numbered