The Fancy Launches Its Own Monthly Subscription Box

"Oh good another subscription box." - No one, probably

This one appears to be Brooklyn themed? (Photo: The Fancy)

The Fancy*, the New York City-based Pinterest competitor where users can browse and share products they love, has decided to enter the subscription box service. We thought you were too fancy for that, Fancy?

According to a press release sent to Betabeat, The Fancy has launched its first ever monthly subscription box that is curated entirely by the crowd. A $60 value for $30/month, users can pick from their favorite categories like “Art” or “Pets” and get a box filled with some of The Fancy users’ favorite products in that category.

“This feature is available to all of our users (nearly 2 MM) and anyone who signs up for Fancy,” reads the release. “We are incredibly excited about this new feature and believe this will be a great addition to the Fancy platform as we lead into the holidays.”

For a site that specializes in insanely high-end items (yes, Nas’ favorite floating magnetic bed, we’re looking at you), an affordable subscription box might open the concept up to less liquid ballers. But frankly, we’d be much more interested in getting celebrity-curated boxes. Perhaps Fancy friend Kanye can create a Paris-themed one?


The Fancy Launches Its Own Monthly Subscription Box