The Master Cast Hushed on L. Ron Hubbard

Amy Adams (Getty Images)

The stars of The Master, the new movie that is not about Scientology but may actually be about Scientology, were not very forthcoming about the film’s possible religious inspiration.

Amy Adams, when asked if she researched the religion for her role in the film, said, “No, I actually read Dianetics a long time ago because my mother had the book lying around the house” before saying, “I am not talking anymore about Scientology.”

Ms. Adams talked to the Observer Tuesday night at the Ziegfeld Theatre screening of The Master, which Paul Thomas Anderson wrote and directed. Mr. Anderson was originally scheduled to be at the New York premiere organized by the Weinstein Company but was absent on the red carpet.

The film, which focuses on the relationship between a returning World War II sailor (Joaquin Phoenix) and a charming cult leader (Phillip Seymour Hoffman), swept the Venice Film Festival awards and has generated extra buzz due to its similarities with the beginnings of Scientology.

Madisen Beaty, who plays Mr. Phoenix’s love interest in the film, was mum on all topics alternative religion, though not shy in her appreciation for Fashion Week.

At least one red carpet walker who was not involved with the film shared his thoughts on film’s storyline analogy. Thomas Matthews, the Kennedy-dating son of MSNBC host Chris Matthews and actor on HBO’s The Newsroom had read the L. Ron Hubbard’s introduction to the religion and said “I think there was a lot of really good stuff about positive attitude, about presenting yourself to other people.” When asked about Scientologists in Hollywood Mr. Matthews said, “… I don’t know who is and isn’t. I love Elizabeth Moss though. I think she’s great in Mad Men.”

<em>The Master</em> Cast Hushed on L. Ron Hubbard