The New York Times Gets in on the Baby Boom

Because if there is one demographic that The New York Times has been neglecting, it’s the baby boomers—those 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964.

Michael Winerip, formerly of NYT’s SchoolBook blog and a children’s book author, formally launched the new Booming blog today. The tagline reads “Living Through the Middle Ages,” although considering that the oldest baby boomers are now 66, well, the definition of middle age seems to get older every year.

Mr. Winerip starts by explaining what the blog won’t be: “It won’t be a nostalgic trip back to 1965,” which is a shame, since we were already queuing up the soundtrack to The Big Chill in iTunes.

It also will not be a Bruce Springsteen concert, writes Mr. Winerip. This comes as a relief, because after reading all 15,000 words in David Remnick’s recent profile of the “Born to Run” singer, we are kind of Springsteen-ed out. It also won’t stereotype all boomers as liberals (we are reminded that Rush Limbaugh is a boomer). In any case, Family Ties is available on Netflix instant.

There will be serious posts about health care, aging, unemployment and divorce. There will be posts about sex and relationships. And don’t feel left out, 20-somethings! You can always write about the boomers in your life.

“We will showcase essays from readers in their 50s writing about their lives, but also essays by 25-year-olds describing their parents’ lives.”

In short, it will be The New York Times. But presumably with fewer trend pieces about Williamsburg.

<EM>The New York Times</EM> Gets in on the Baby Boom