Thomas Bayrle Is Next Up at the High Line Billboard

Thomas Bayrle. ‘American Dream,’ 1970. (Courtesy High Line Art)

Thomas Bayrle is the next artist to hit the High Line Billboard. The sixth artist whose work has appeared on the billboard—following Anne Collier, John Baldessari, David Shrigley, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari for Toilet Paper and Elad Lassry—Mr. Bayrle brings his mesmerizing style and a little Americana to Chelsea’s beloved elevated park on Oct. 1 with an image of a classic Chrysler composed of the company’s logo.

“All works by Thomas Bayrle showcase how the individual and the mass fit together,” said Cecilia Alemani, curator and director of High Line Art, in a statement. “In American Dream Bayrle looks at two foundations of American culture: advertisement and the car industry. It’s the perfect work for a society obsessed with Mad Men.”

On why Mr. Bayrle chose this particular image for the billboard, he told Gallerist over email, “I think this image expresses precision, ornamentation and a strong sense of the “golden Years” which have gone…looking back onto this image it might represent solid American history—secure times when all the energy troubles, environment headaches of now stays behind…. Not only looking back but forward: I say: Chrysler chrysler on the wall—who will be a nicer one like all!”

The billboard is perfectly timed. Like Elad Lassry’s billboard before him, Mr. Bayrle’s billboard coincides with a gallery show. Mr. Bayrle’s show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise opens Sept. 29, and one of his running-motor works.

Thomas Bayrle Is Next Up at the High Line Billboard