Tim Bishop Calls Opponent ‘Despicable’ in Latest Ad [Video]

(Photo: YouTube)

There’s an aggressive air war going on in Suffolk County, and it’s all centered around a Politico report that Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop’s campaign made a fundraising request to a constituent Mr. Bishop was helping navigate federal bureaucracy. Republicans saw it as a blatant quid-pro-quo while Mr. Bishop’s supporters, including the constituent himself, argued that there was nothing notable about this chain of events.

Soon after that report, Mr. Bishop launched ads accusing his GOP opponent Randy Altschuler of supporting outsourcing, causing Mr. Altschuler to respond with his own blistering ad.

“Why is Tim Bishop running a dishonest campaign?” the narrator for Mr. Altschuler’s ad rhetorically asked. “He’s trying to cover up a scandal, a big one!”

Newsday demands an ethics investigation,” she continued. “A watchdog group called Bishop’s actions ‘a federal crime.’ Tim Bishop, he’s everything that’s wrong with Washington.”

Mr. Bishop apparently decided not to take it sitting down, however, and a new ad appeared in his YouTube channel this morning sharply criticizing Mr. Altschuler again.

“I’m Tim Bishop and now my opponent says I’m a criminal,” the congressman says directly to the camera. “You know me, and you know for Randy Altschuler to say that is just despicable. I’ve helped thousands of constituents because it’s just the right thing to do, and I’ve never asked for anything in return. I approve of this message because I’m proud of my service to the district and for Randy Altschuler to say I’m a criminal just shows he’ll do anything to get elected.”

Mr. Altschuler, the baton has been passed back to you.

Watch below:

Tim Bishop Calls Opponent ‘Despicable’ in Latest Ad [Video]