Tim Cook’s Apology Met With Mockery from Twitter

The emperor has no reality distortion field.

(Photo: Boing Boing)

Earlier today, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the highly unusual step of issuing a public apology for the fustercluck that is the company’s new map offering. That’s probably little consolation to anyone who upgraded to iOS 6 and has spent the days since utterly unable to get from point A to point B and/or lost somewhere in the wilderness, but hey, it’s a start.

Twitter naturally greeted his heartfelt mea culpa with a chorus of LOLs.

This Daily Show executive producer needs a hand, thanks:

Boom, roasted:

While Tim Cook is answering for things, let’s get someone on the record we can blame for another disaster:

Speaking of sports, let’s bring the week full circle real quick:

Waze’s adorable avatar gloated adorably:

Box CEO Aaron Levie just can’t believe the fantastic day Bing is having:

Writer Bonnie Burton sees an opportunity:

It’s like a never-ending chain of goofs!

Tim Cook’s Apology Met With Mockery from Twitter