Tim Tebow Channels Ritts, Mapplethorpe in ‘Vogue’ Spread

The Ritts photo. (Courtesy Capital)

Hat tip to Tom McGeveran at good old Capital New York for noticing how closely a new Annie Leibovitz spread in Vogue, featuring New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, resembles photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe and Herb Ritts.

It’s mainly funny because Tim Tebow, as you know, is a big-time Christian. His tire photo graces today’s New York Post. Here’s McGeveran:

But shall we take the opportunity to talk about this photo of Tim Tebow moving a giant tire? It’s already raised the ire of Jets fans mystified that the magazine should profile “a homeschooled evangelical second-string football player,” and marveling at the conniptions in the text to justify the piece (“That’s how you get Timmy Tebow into Vogue—you turn him into a lost Kennedy cousin”).

Read the whole thing over here. Tim Tebow Channels Ritts, Mapplethorpe in ‘Vogue’ Spread