Transportation Committee releases “Yellow Dot” program bill

TRENTON – The Assembly Transportation Committee released bill A2037, which establishes a “Yellow Dot Program.”

Assemblyman John Amodeo, (D-2), of Northfield, abstained.

The program provides emergency responders with critical health information about citizens who are at least age 62 and those with chronic illnesses. By participating in the program,  emergency responders may aid or assist them if they are involved in motor vehicle emergencies or accidents and they are unable to communicate.

The Division of Highway Traffic Safety in the Department of Law and Public Safety, in consultation with the Commissioner of Health and Senior Services, will design the program materials and instructions.  Program materials include a yellow decal for the motor vehicle, a health information card, a yellow envelope, and program instructions.  The division may charge program participants a nominal fee to cover the cost of the program.

Individuals interested in participating in the program may obtain program materials from a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission facility, a municipal police department, or a State Police station. Questions about the program, and requests for assistance in completing the health information card, will be referred to a hotline and email address administered by the Division of Highway Traffic Safety, according to the bill.

The health information card will provide space for a program participant to attach a recent photograph and indicate the participant’s name, emergency contact information, physicians’ names and contact information, medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies, medications, and any other information deemed by the director to be important to emergency responders in emergencies.

The division will conduct a public information campaign to notify the public of the availability of the program and the Superintendent of State Police will notify law enforcement and emergency responders about the program.

Emergency responders would not be liable for any civil damages in response to the care provided at the scene of the emergency if the information on the health information card was incomplete, incorrect, or outdated, the bill said.

Transportation Committee releases “Yellow Dot” program bill