TwitPic CTO Hits ‘Unsubscribe’ on the Passage of Time

Time flies when you're pretending it doesn't exist.

Like the sailor he resembles, Mr. Corona has learned to read the sun. (Photo: Twitter)

From bouncy balls as desk chairs to an app that automatically tweets your weight once a week, it’s no secret that tech entrepreneurs are rather eccentric. They seem to operate in their own special universe, one where meetings are held at sushi restaurants and dogs roam the office freer than test engineers.

But TwitPic CTO Steve Corona appears to have penned what is truly the reducto ad absurdam of CTO blog posts. Mr. Corona, so enshrouded in his own self-made bubble, has decided to literally eschew time. Someone has been reading The Sound and the Fury recently, hasn’t he?

Nevermind that for everyone besides Dr. Who, time is an escapable reality that moves in only one direction and governs our social contract with other humans. Luckily, Mr. Corona has learned to read the sun, so hopefully he will not be waking your family with the jingle of a ringtone in the wee morning hours.

After three months of living time-free, Mr. Corona still uses his iPhone calendar to remind him of appointments, though he apparently only takes one appointment a week. Wonder if our editor would be okay with us showing up to the office when the sun hits a pleasing point in the sky? As one Hacker News commenter put it:

You’ve fallen into the trap of reading about something that is written by someone who has no real boss and thinking that you could apply it to yourself.

Living ‘without time’ is a great idea and is ideal for how we, as humans, have developed. Unfortunately, in the real world, the rest of us need to use time to make sure we do things on other peoples schedules. Whether it be the boss, the airline, the doctor, the kid’s school or whatever, we need to make sure we’re aligned.

For our next act in this absurdist play, we expect to see a blog post by a CTO who has also given up on breathing, and lets an app do it for him.

Mr. Corona might want to log back into this mortal coil, since his company is teetering terrifyingly close to the precipice of becoming obsolete.

TwitPic CTO Hits ‘Unsubscribe’ on the Passage of Time