Booting Up: Media Mogul Board Member Edition

Future Twitterer? (Photo:

Twitter is reportedly hunting in Hollywood for new board members, with an eye to installing a “media player.” A leading contender: former News Corp. exec Peter Chernin. [AllThingsD]

Eric Schmidt, on iOS 6 mapageddon: “We think it would have been better if they had kept ours. But what do I know?” [Reuters]

Production has resumed at the Foxconn factory temporarily closed down due to a riot. [Washington Post]

There’s now an app that’ll afford you the chance to look at pictures of Albert Einstein’s brain. However, the $9.99 price point suggests the creators don’t think much of your brains. [AP]

If you’re going to send a sext, make sure you’ve got the right number–unlike this elderly man. [CNN]

Booting Up: Media Mogul Board Member Edition