Tao Lin Gets Free Money, But Not Enough

The author with his stuff (via Flickr’s FakeSalt)

After yesterday’s breaking story about Shoplifting From American Apparel‘s Tao Lin being so broke that he was selling everything he owned, we heard encouraging news from the author. Having to wait on his advance for his next book and check from teaching at Sarah Lawrence has made Mr. Lin rely on the kindness of strangers…some of whom don’t even want anything in return.

Mr. Lin sent The Observer this message via email yesterday evening:

Subject: Thanks for the post
Someone paypal’d me $200 for nothing

He also gave us a list of what he’s been able to sell (besides our $50 for books and “two nice handwritten notes”):

$7 drawing
$11 drawing
$200 nothing

We hope he uses the $268 to purchase some Zoloft or pizza, as his tweets of late have been getting pretty dark:

He is literally a starving artist now! Maybe he shouldn’t be selling his juicer, since he’ll soon be using it to squeeze nutrients from health bars, tempeh crumbs, and tears. Tao Lin Gets Free Money, But Not Enough