(Very) Temporary Changes at Condé Nast

There was an hour yesterday afternoon during which the domain names of email addresses coming out of 4 Times Square were suddenly transformed. Staffers at Vanity Fair were alarmed to see their tony magazine title replaced by @golfforwomen, the name of a gender-specific sports magazine that closed in 2008.

Then the Vanity Fair staffers noticed that the glitch was more widespread then they thought. It wasn’t just Vanity Fair and it wasn’t just Golf for Women’s ghostly domain name. Other email addresses throughout Condé Nast were switched to the domain @fairchildfashion.com (a current, fashionable division of Condé Nast) and to the tech mag domain @wired.com. At one point, email addresses moved like a Ouija Board between @golfforwomen and @fairchildfashion.

If this switch took place in a movie, just think of all the pranks that could have been played in an hour. Unfortunately, life is not a movie and pranks take a while to think up.

Do Vanity Fair staffers have any regrets?

“We may never know why, for one lucky hour, we were unwitting, involuntary staffers of a gendered athletics magazine that folded four years ago. What we do know is this: we did not use our time as Golf for Women staffers wisely. Far more gear from pro shops should have been called in, many more reservations at exclusive golf clubs should have been made, and additional solicitations to Tiger Woods’s mistresses should have gone out,” Vanity Fair’s Juli Weiner wrote on the magazine’s blog.

Although we know it was most likely a technology glitch, we prefer to think that for a brief time yesterday afternoon Condé Nast was haunted by the ghosts of editors past. (Very) Temporary Changes at Condé Nast