Veterans home in Vineland audit finds billing problems

TRENTON – A state audit of the Veterans Memorial Home at Vineland found, among other things, $1.5 million in uncollected claims under Medicare.

The state Auditor, which reviewed fiscal years 2009-11, recommended improved accounting be implemented, and cautioned there could be additional unpaid claims since it did not review claims billed to other co-insurance plans.

According to the audit, the Vineland home has about 286 residents, annual expenditures of $28 million, and general fund revenues of $14 million. Revenues also include billings to residents and reimbursements from Medicare.

In addition, the audit found that as a result of per-diem billing errors, the Vineland home is owed about $306,000 from Veterans Affairs.

As part of its plan to address the audit concerns, the facility has a new software billing system, among other things.

Veterans home in Vineland audit finds billing problems