Vogue ‘Hasn’t Touched’ New Diana Vreeland Documentary

The director of a new documentary on Diana Vreeland has alleged in The Hollywood Reporter that Vogue‘s current leadership studiously avoided the production process.

Diana Vreeland led Vogue from 1963 to 1971, but her present-day counterpart Anna Wintour is not featured in the movie, nor is Andre Leon Talley, the famous Voguester who got his start working with Vreeland at the Met Costume Institute.

Vogue hasn’t touched the movie,” director Lisa Immordino Vreeland told THR, noting that Mr. Talley had requested to be interviewed by a specific, unnamed, prestigious “fashion scholar”; he was not even given a comp ticket to the Tribeca Film Festival screening. Anna Wintour, apparently, opts to appear mainly in documentaries about her own tenure at Vogue. <em>Vogue</em> ‘Hasn’t Touched’ New Diana Vreeland Documentary