Weekend Roundup: Pressuring Quinn; ‘Gropegate’ Continues; Romney’s Convention Bounce

The latest example of the city’s Board of Elections dancing to its own tune.

Bill de Blasio is stepping up his criticism of Christine Quinn on paid sick day legislation.

A Grace Meng campaign sign made a list of New York City’s historically significant objects.

Charlie Rangel is heavily lobbying to get his former campaign manager back atop a troubled nonprofit.

The Daily News wondered what took Joe Hynes so long in applying for an independent prosecutor and entitled their editorial, “Hynes’ catch-up.”

While the Post dubbed the entire situation “Gropegate.”

Kirsten Gillibrand doesn’t think the Vito Lopez scandal will impact the Democrat’s convention.

Lopez has a Republican challenger, although it’s not clear how much that matters.

JCOPE is holding a special meeting this week, probably to discuss this controversy.

Southeastern Queens politicians seem to have lots of questionable nonprofits.

In a move potentially impacting the presidential election, Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed Bain documents.

Journalists rolled oranges at Mitt Romney in an attempt to communicate. More here.

“[T]he single most influential person in the Obama White House,” Valerie Jarrett, profiled.

Anna Wintour will help President Obama raise money in Paris and London this month.

Obama hasn’t given much love to downballot candidates.

Ohio has become the Mitt Romney’s focus.

Romney hasn’t enjoyed much of a polling bounce from the convention.

Ben Smith isn’t impressed with Democrats’ attempts to demonize Paul Ryan’s brushes with factual inaccuracy.

Campaigns are bending the truth now more than ever.

Weekend Roundup: Pressuring Quinn; ‘Gropegate’ Continues; Romney’s Convention Bounce