Which Convention Was More Diverse?

Attendees at the Democratic National Convention (Photo: Getty)

CHARLOTTE, NC — Though the GOP made sure to showcase a diverse group of speakers at the Republican National Convention last week, Democrats have boasted their confab in Charlotte was far more diverse than the Republicans’ confab. Rather than take those claims at face value, we reached out to both parties to see how many minority delegates attended each of the conventions. 

We were unable to get a definitive answer because a Republican Party official told us they had no information about the number of minority delegates who attended their convention in Tampa last week.

“I’ve asked for those numbers and my understanding is we don’t have them,” Republican National Committee Press Secretary Kirsten Kukowski said.

On the other hand, Democratic National Convention staff informed us that 40 percent of the approximately 5,600 delegates and 500 alternates at the DNC were minorities. Specifically, 27 percent of the delegates were African American and 13 percent were Latino. Statistics were not available for other groups.

Republicans may have good reason for not being more concerned about whether their convention had a diverse group of delegates. Polls show President Barack Obama is dominating Mitt Romney among minority voters. Though Mr. Romney seems to have enjoyed a small post-RNC bump among Latinos, polls show over two out of three Latino voters support President Obama and a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed Mr. Romney is supported by zero percent of African American voters.

Which Convention Was More Diverse?