Wisniewski slams Christie for campaigning out of state as unemployment rises

The State Democratic Chairman seized on an uptick in New Jersey unemployment to criticize Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to campaign out of state.

The state’s unemployment now stands at 9.9%, numbers announced while Christie campaigns for conservative Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa. 

“Once again, Governor Christie is out of town campaigning today while New Jersey grapples with the news of record 9.9% unemployment,” said Party Chairman John Wisniewski. “No surprise here, as that’s what he was doing frequently last month as our unemployment rate continued to rise.  During the month of August, Governor Christie spent 11 days campaigning out of state, days he could have spent here getting New Jerseyans back to work. 

“That’s not even including the days he spent in seclusion at the governor’s official vacation home in Island Beach State Park, writing and rewriting his self-promotional RNC keynote speech. Just as Christie used that speech to promote himself at the expense of Mitt Romney, it seems Christie used the month of August to promote himself at the expense of New Jersey.

“New Jersey needs a leader who won’t use his title and office as a stepping stone to something bigger. With so many people in New Jersey still out of work, Governor Christie should stop looking for his next job and help people here find theirs.”

NJGOP Spokesman Douglass Mayer struck back. 

“It’s exactly this type of blatant partisanship and obtuseness that has carried John Wisniewski through his political career in Trenton, all while his party oversaw the worst job losses New Jersey had experinced in decades,” Mayer said. “In stark contrast, Governor Christie has helped pass some of the most important bipartisan reforms in the state’s history and sparked the steady creation of jobs needed to crawl out of the hole the Democrats left us in.  We’ve seen what listening to political hacks like John Wisniewski gets you – clearly nobody wants that.”

Wisniewski slams Christie for campaigning out of state as unemployment rises