Would-Be Child Molester Campaigns For His ‘Friend’ Tom Allon’s Mayoral Bid

Tom Allon

Timothy McDarrah, a former New York Post editor who was convicted of soliciting sex online from an undercover FBI agent posing as a 13-year-old girl in 2006 sent an email to friends and former business associates yesterday announcing his support for local media mogul Tom Allon’s mayoral bid. Mr. McDarrah’s message, which was addressed to “my fellow Americans,” included an invite to a fundraiser for Mr. Allon at the Woolworth Tower Kitchen next month.

“Tom Allon and I were high school and grad school classmates, and have been friends for over 30 years. I simply feel we could use a guy like him in City Hall,” Mr. McDarrah wrote. “Do some research, get to know him, cover his campaign. If you live in New York and vote, please consider pulling the lever for Tom in 2013.”

In his message, which was sent to friends and a list of Post alumni maintained by Myron Rushetzky, a longtime assistant on the paper’s city desk, Mr. McDarrah acknowledged his support might be a double-edged sword for Mr. Allon.

“I debated whether or not to use Myron’s Post mailing list for this, but obviously, I did. All the rest of my contacts, too. I also debated whether a helping hand from me was much of a help.

Mr. McDarrah finished his missive by promising not to barrage the recipients with more emails.

“Sorry to be a pest. Won’t happen again. (Unless he runs for governor down the road.),” he wrote.

Update (1:32 p.m.): Mr. Allon responded to an earlier email from Politicker inquiring about Mr. McDarrah’s endorsement of his campaign.

“Tim McDarrah is an old high school friend. He got into legal trouble, went to jail, paid his debt to society and is now re-entering the workforce and rebuilding his life,” he said. “He is not involved in my campaign. But I welcome all endorsements (and votes) from all New Yorkers.”

Mr. McDarrah, who also worked at US Weekly and the Las Vegas Sun, was arrested after arriving at an address the undercover agent had described at the young girl’s home. At his trial, he blamed his conduct on an internet addiction.

The fundraiser Mr. McDarrah invited his friends to will take place October 15 and is being hosted by former Parks Department Commissioner Henry Stern, Paul Ginsberg, Martin Hassner and David Owens.

Would-Be Child Molester Campaigns For His ‘Friend’ Tom Allon’s Mayoral Bid