You Can Now Make Your Own Free eBook Out of Wikipedia Articles

Wiki reading on the go.

(Photo: Wikimedia)

If you tend to spend a fair amount of your time online submerged in a Wikipedia K-hole, mindlessly clicking the “Random Article” link until you snap out of it two hours later deeply engrossed in the entry for Kanye West’s song “Power,” then we have some good news for you. Wikipedia has enabled a new feature that allows you to seamlessly curate your own eBook out of Wikipedia articles, all for free.

The advantage to creating an eBook is manifold: first, you can access it on a number of devices, including e-readers, tablets and mobile phones. It’s also perfect for subway commute entertainment, because you can read it while you don’t have Internet access. Plus, you’ll never again lose an interesting article to the hellish, hoarder-like conditions of your bookmarks folder.

Creating a Wikipedia ebook is also pretty simple. According to the Wikimedia foundation:

To create your personal e-book you have to activate the ‘Create a book’ link located in the left sidebar of Wikipedia in the ‘print/export’ section. Once activated, you can compile articles or complete categories into a personal collection and export them. Collections can be exported in a variety of formats like PDF, EPUB, or OpenOffice. You can also order a printed book via PediaPress, the official print-on-demand partner of Wikipedia.

Now, who wants to curate an eBook based on all Wikipedia entries about Beyonce? We’d be ever so grateful.

You Can Now Make Your Own Free eBook Out of Wikipedia Articles