You Can Now Pay for a Bag of Chips With a Tweet

Look at what you've done, Internet.

(Photo: YouTube)

Move over, Bitcoin: there’s a new currency in town, and it’s a boring canned marketing tweet by cereal makers Special K. Every generation gets the currency we deserve.

According to The Creative Boom, Special K has set up the world’s first “tweet shop” in London that allows customers to pay for a new type of low-calorie chip they’re marketing simply by tweeting about it. The “menu” is comprised of three approved tweets–tagged with #spons–that users can tweet from their smartphones in order to snag a bag of Special K chips.

Taking a page out of fancy storefronts everywhere, Special K has staffed the store–which is open through Friday–with pretty women wearing iconic red dresses, who will check that you actually tweeted that thing before nabbing the bag of chips you could’ve purchased with the coins in your pocket

This is the future, and it is #spons.

You Can Now Pay for a Bag of Chips With a Tweet