Want to Work at Salesforce? Better Have a Klout Score of 35 or Higher


No non-influencers allowed. (Photo: OnGig)

It’s been building for a while now. Klout, a social media power user index that is totally based on science and not at all on meaningless, imaginary metrics, has officially nudged its way into the competitive job market.

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Last November, we told you that you might soon be able to get a credit line based on your Klout score (no word on if that ever actually became a thing). Then in April, we reported on someone whose interview was stopped short as soon as his boss discovered his Klout score was an abysmal 34. And if this Salesforce job ad is any indication, now the floodgates have finally opened: having a passable Klout score is creeping into “desired skills.” How long before it’s a job requirement?

According to a community manager job posting from the cloud-obsessed Salesforce.com, an important and desired skill for getting hired is a “Klout score of 35 or higher.”

To be fair, the community manager role requires a robust knowledge of social media platforms and how to manage them. But don’t you think anyone with that kind of experience would know that Klout is complete bullshit?

(h/t Spencer Chen)

Want to Work at Salesforce? Better Have a Klout Score of 35 or Higher