Here is the TV Show Based on GIFs That No One Was Waiting For

The GIF has finally jumped its last shark.

After the strange initial success and eventual flameout of the Twitter-inspired sitcom, $h*! My Dad Says, it was only natural that memes got their own TV show too. LOLwork, a show about the interoffice workings of Ben Huh’s Cheezburger Network, premieres Wednesday, Novemeber 7th on Bravo. And now that memes have already been done, there’s one final frontier in Internet-inspired TV shows–the GIF.

Everyone’s new favorite medium was used to save the Olympics, as well as reinvigorate the presidential election and now it’s going to save TV too! CBS just bought the rights to a show based on the reaction GIF blog and What Should We Call Me clone site, Hollywood Assistants. The GIF has finally arrived.

Hollywood Assistants doesn’t really seem as popular as most of its contemporaries. A lot of the site’s recent posts have under 10 notes. Compare that to another reaction GIF Tumblr like How Do I Put This Gently, where all of the posts have hundreds upon hundreds of notes.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the blog’s creator, Lauren Bachelis, started the site while she was working as an assistant at CAA. She then became an assistant to New Girl creator and executive producer Liz Meriweather, where she continued to post reaction GIFs from TV shows and movies to the moderately popular blog.

Ms. Bachelis took her GIF inspiration and wrote the show which is titled 20-Nothings. It’s about five 20-something friends living in Los Angeles trying to make it in Hollywood. Sounds watchable enough, especially because it’s going to be directed and executive produced by Wonder Years hero, Fred Savage.

We hope Ms. Bachelis is judicious about posting GIFs of her GIF show on her GIF blog. Wouldn’t want anyone to get GIF’cepted. Here is the TV Show Based on GIFs That No One Was Waiting For