Morning Read: ‘A Prophecy That Came True’

Michael Grimm and Mark Murphy debate (photo:

On the front cover of the New York Post, the publication displayed a giant picture of Mitt Romney, with text reading: “For America’s future, Post endorses Mitt Romney. THE ONLY CHOICE.” The editorial itself was rather glowing.

NY1/Marist released a new poll of New York State last night. Long story short, Democrats are popular here and Republicans aren’t. “No surprises in New York,” Lee Miringoff, the firm’s director, said in a statement. “It has been and continues to be a very blue state.”

In an interview a couple hours before the survey was released, Wendy Long defended her poll numbers on Capital Tonight saying there hadn’t been any new polls in her race against incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Marist currently has Ms. Gillibrand up 68% to 24%.

Not everyone was thrilled to have the New York Islanders come to Brooklyn. Long Island assemblyman Jerry Kremer kvetched about owner Charles Wang, “His asks were so big that it was a prophecy that came true that the Islanders would leave the area.” Even in Brooklyn, skeptics remain. Local Councilwoman Tish James told The New York Times, “My longtime concerns with the Barclays Arena and Atlantic Yards project continue to remain — living wage jobs, affordable housing and quality of life.”

If you’re so inclined, you can watch yesterday’s full Islanders press conference here.

For the first time, GOP Congressman Michael Grimm and his Democratic opponent Mark Murphy faced off in an actual debate. The Staten Island Advance has some highlights and video.

Speaking before the Jewish Voice, GOP Councilman Dan Halloran continued to emphasized Israel for his pitch to the voters of the 6th Congressional District. “I would be on the floor of the House of Representatives telling the President that rather than compelling Israel to cease building legitimate housing units for their citizens in East Jerusalem, he should be pressuring the Palestinians to publicly recognize Israel as the one and only Jewish state,” Mr. Halloran proclaimed.

While recently addressing a Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills audience, Mr. Halloran interestingly criticized President Barack Obama by saying, “Yes, he got Osama bin Laden. Whoever was in the White House when the intelligence was developed is going to get that correct. That’s not a big deal, that’s a no-brainer. You shot a guy that blew up 3,000 Americans, whoop-de-doo!”

House Majority PAC has a new ad out hitting Republican congressional candidate Randy Altschuler, seeking to boost the prospects of incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop in Long Island:
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