America Now Reportedly Outsourcing Its Apple Leak Production to China

Cue campaign ad connecting this to Bain Capital in 3, 2, 1...

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We all know that Apple is probably announcing an iPad Mini later this week. But how do we know that? Who snitched? That’s the subject of a long piece from Ars Technica. Turns out that it’s not so much disgruntled engineers as it’s a function of the long, winding road that is the company’s global supply chain.

Ars Technica makes working at 1 Infinite Loop sound like a cross between working at the CIA and Hogwarts:

Prototypes have to be carried around on company grounds while covered in a black cloth so other employees can’t sneak a peek. Those who take prerelease products off campus are heavily restricted when using them with other people (even other Apple employees) in the vicinity. Internal security teams covertly monitor which IRC channels employees like to hang out in.

As you might imagine from such intense security measures, it’s probably not the California kids tipping all your favorite gadget blogs. Rather, the leaks are produced the same place as everything else except American Apparel tube socks and artisanal Brooklyn cheese:

“Apple’s security practices are targeted at making sure US employees don’t leak stuff, but everything comes out of China now,” one employee told Ars. “I think Apple’s secrecy mode is really outdated.”

“Clearly, the people who need the security training are not here” said another. “They’re not getting the same level of scrutiny as we are, and it shows.”

Then again, if working on a Foxconn assembly line were our lot in life, we’d probably be leaking product specs left and right. America Now Reportedly Outsourcing Its Apple Leak Production to China