Army Corps to Begin Pumping Water Out of Lower Manhattan Tomorrow

Flooded. (Photo: Getty)

According to Senator Chuck Schumer, the federal government will soon begin the arduous task of returning floodwaters back to the Atlantic Ocean after Hurricane Sandy’s surge flooded key transportation arteries earlier this week.

“In the past hour, I have received an update from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about the federal de-watering efforts happening in New York City,” Mr. Schumer said in a statement this afternoon.  “A team of experts from Illinois and contractors from around the country are making their way to Lower Manhattan as we speak. Significant assets like pumps and de-watering equipment should arrive in Manhattan by this evening. The Corps is confident that they can begin pumping water by tomorrow morning.”

Mr. Schumer said the priority will be pumping the salt water out of two tunnels and the World Trade Center site.

“The city has identified three major priority areas for pumping–the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, Battery Park Tunnel and the World Trade Center,” he continued. “This is a critical mission that I know the Army Corps and FEMA are taking very seriously and I want to thank these federal agencies for working so diligently with the state and the city.” Army Corps to Begin Pumping Water Out of Lower Manhattan Tomorrow