Artschwager’s Sausage-Shaped ‘Blps’ to High Line, Whitney

Various blps. (Courtesy the artist and Brooke Alexander Editions)

The Whitney’s major Richard Artschwager retrospective—handsomely titled “Richard Artschwager!”—does not open until Oct. 25, but those wandering around Chelsea or the Meatpacking District over the next few days have the chance to see a bit of a preview.

In conjunction with the show, a number of the artist’s trademark “blps”—the monochromatic ovular shapes that look a bit like thin slices of huge sausages, which he has been affixing throughout his exhibitions and in different outdoor locales for years—are going up on buildings along the High Line, where the Whitney is at work on its new home.

Some are already up, on the outside of David Nolan Gallery (one of the artist’s dealers) and the Standard hotel, according to a representative at the Whitney, and more will go up in the days to come.

The Whitney has a long history with the blps, having once facilitated Artschwager’s 100 Locations piece, which called for 100 blps to be placed around the museum for the 1968 Whitney Annual, the precursor to the Biennial.

The retrospective, which will bring additional blps into the Whitney’s Upper East Side home, runs through Feb. 3. All the blps will remain up at least through that date.

(Image courtesy BA Editions) Artschwager’s Sausage-Shaped ‘Blps’ to High Line, Whitney