Bill would allow Lotto winner anonymity

TRENTON – Senate lawmakers unanimously released legislation that would allow lotto winners to remain anonymous after striking it big.

The bill, S2226, would direct the State Lottery Commission to allow lottery winners to remain anonymous for up to one year after winning a game. The bill moved out of the Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee without any discussion.

Currently, lottery winners’ names, addresses – excluding street or house number – and prize amounts are a matter of public record.

Assembly lawmakers unanimously released similar legislation from committee last month.

Mobile gaming

The committee also unanimously released legislation that would expand the state’s mobile gaming rules to horse racing.

The legislation, S2236 and A2610, would permit the use of mobile gaming devices within the property boundaries of an approved racetrack facility, including any restaurant, simulcasting room, and outdoor area, according to the bill.

The proposal, sponsored by Sen. Bob Gordon, (D-38), was approved by the Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee in May.

Gov. Chris Christie signed a mobile gaming bill into law in August that allowed players to post bets on casino property without having to be in the gaming parlor.

Senate lawmakers also release several other bills from committee:

S1645 & S2173, would permit certain former members and employees of the New Jersey Racing Commission to be employed by the commission as long as the State Ethics Commission finds no conflict of interest. The latter bill would eliminate post-employment restriction for members and employees of the New Jersey Racing Commission.

S2185, would provide that no person is permitted to serve as an authorized messenger for a mail-in ballot or as a bearer of a voted mail-in ballot for more than three qualified voters in an election. Current law allows an authorized messenger to be a carrier for up to 10 voters.

Bill would allow Lotto winner anonymity