Boteach due to speak in Miami

A day after he railed against U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-9) for not being more engaged in the general election, and with two weeks until Election Day, the Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is scheduled to give a speech in Miami this evening.

The Hillel Community Day School confirmed that the rabbi is in Florida for the event.

A Republican, the animated Boteach is running against Pascrell in the general election.

Last night, at a debate sponsored by the Bergen Record and Herald News, the challenger lamented gerrymandered districts that don’t require incumbents to campaign hard.

He accused Pascrell of going to sleep after the congressman’s competitive Democratic Primary.

James Genovese, Rabbi Shmuley’s campaign manager, responded with a statement.

“It’s Shmuley’s mother’s 70th birthday,” Genovese said. “Furthermore, unlike Bill Pascrell, who has miraculously become among the top 100 richest members of Congress despite a lifetime of elected office, Shmuley has to raise funds for his campaign and has two fundraisers scheduled while in Miami.”

Boteach due to speak in Miami