Bramnick says Dems are afraid to give Christie ‘a win’ on tax relief

TRENTON – The Assembly Republican leadership blasted Democrats for holding a full voting session tomorrow on bills regulating such things as laser pointers, and recognizing Taiwanese leaders, but nothing on reducing taxes.

“The unfortunate news is that tomorrow will mark an Assembly session of little or no tax relief,” Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick, (R-21), of Westfield, said.

The fiesty lawmaker added that leaving out such bills for a vote has more to do with scoring political points by Democrats who are afraid of making Gov. Chris Christie look good.

“I’m very concerned Assembly Democrats just don’t want to give Chris Christie a win,” he said. “Let’s face it, he is really popular. That’s not changing.”

Bramnick said there exists bipartisan support for bills that would give renters a break on their taxes, ranging between $50 and $250, and homeowners a tax credit between $700 and $1,000.

“It is not posted and we can’t understand why,” said the Assembly Minority leader. “Peoople are hurting in this state.”

Bramnick disagrees with Democrats’ assertions that there’s no money to fund the tax cuts, saying that $180 million has been set aside in the budget for that purpose.

Assemblyman David Rible, (R-13), of Wall, said he’s attended several business roundtables, and business owners have told him they could use some tax relief.

“They’re looking for some confidence out of Trenton,” he said. “We need to have this bill posted.”

Assemblyman Scott Rumana, (R-40), of Wayne, also said the Democrats were “stonewalling” on a bill (2495) that would change sick leave pay. It is an issue that has caused many towns to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to police officers and other public employees who have accumulated unused sick days, he said. Christie wants to scrap the compensation altogether. Bramnick says Dems are afraid to give Christie ‘a win’ on tax relief